Discord Server Rules!

1: No Advertising!

This means no posting of links or content not relating to the modpacks we host. Additionally, you’re not allowed to advertise your server here, if you wish to do that, post it on our forums.

2: No Harrasment of any kind!

This includes everything from racism, sexism, attacks specific to that person, griefing or stalker-like behaviour. (Minor sexism and racism is allowed in off-topic, providing it’s in the form of a joke and not targeted at anyone specifically) .

3: Use the correct channel when posting comments and questions.

This means ask for help in the help and support channel, and keep off-topic discussion to off-topic. Help and support will only be given to modpacks hosted by us and only to unmodified versions.

4: Be patient when asking a question.

If you don’t get a response right away, don’t start spamming or behaving negatively. People have busy lives and they cant be on demand everytime you want them.

5: We’re not SJW’s

That means at times you will come across jokes or content which may trigger the easily offended. We believe in free speech, for better or for worse and if you have thin skin, it’s recommended to avoid anything that involves other people, including this.

6: No pornographic material of any kind!

This includes off-topic, we’re a gaming server and while some jokes may be sexual or adult-oriented, outright porn, nudes or anything that falls under that is not allowed. (Except gachi :HandsUp:).

7: English only in chat!

This is a UK server with English speaking staff, therefore we require all users to speak in English to properly moderate chat. If you wish to speak your own language, please do so by private message.